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Mario Alejandro Díaz-Quiroga, is an Argentinian Artist born in Mendoza, a Province known for its wine making tradition in the foothills of the Andes.


Mario  had been related to art since he was 6 years old.  When he turned 13 he began to venture into the fine arts making it part of his daily life.


Abstract painting gave him the formal Frame to explore  his Hispanic heritage, Gaucho’s way, and the Latin American  cultural diversity, from colors to gastronomy.


With Resins he found the possibility of combining different types of materials, paints and colors, with the wonderful surprise of chemical reactions as the artistic expression, making it a unique experience.


As an artist he wanted to bring aesthetic experiences to daily life, combining art and construction through decorative concrete. 



Iron works were a family heritage passed from his father, this tradition was part of his life since he was born. His childhood playground was the Metal’s workshop, learning to cut and take measurements, this experiencer helped him later in the United States to became a successful arts-entrepreneur, and opening his  first company.


He decided  to use his experiences and bring to the public one of the most popular traditions in Argentina which is Asado, manufacturing Metal grills, with state of the art techniques, uniting in his creations, the South American culture  through gastronomy and its spaces with Concrete Artistic Expressions.

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